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This is a picture of me, owner and baker for Golden Goose Bakery, LLC


My name is Rachelle (she/her/they), pronounced "Ru-Shell." I’m the owner and baker for Golden Goose Bakery, LLC, which is a dream come true.


From a very young age, I’ve loved to bake (and taste). One of my earliest and most cherished memories as a child was when I tasted cake batter for the first time.

As I sat on the kitchen floor and licked every inch of that beater, I realized cake batter was the best and sweetest thing I’d ever eaten. I didn’t know anything could taste so good. The batter was smooth and velvety. It was sweet and tangy and vanilla-y. It was magical. It was amazing. Mind-blowing.

Since then, I’ve been chasing that memory, that experience. And I want to share it with others.

I believe a slice of cake or a cookie is much more than a treat. It can help us to show love and feel loved.  

I hope you feel the same with your special treat from Golden Goose Bakery.


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